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PikaShow APK is an Android App that gives access to stream & download TV shows, movies, live cricket, live sports, the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and more to watch on their mobile, tablet, laptop, and more.

Using Pikashow APK downloads (Picasso App Download), You can Watch Videos In HD Quality Based on Your WI-FI and Mobile data, and It Allows The User to Download favorite Videos, TV shows, etc. On their Devices.

The best feature of PikaShow APK is that you can watch & Download other OTP Premium Platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Now, Hotstar & More without paying any monthly subscription or Yearly fees. Also, you can watch Free OTP Platforms Like Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Vulu, etc. All in One Place without installing multiple apps.

Pikashow APK download

PikaShow APP Details

1 m+
10 MB
System Requirement:
Android 4.4 and up
App Version:
Latest Version
All Features:
Android 4.4
Last Update:
1 Days Ago

PikaShow APP Features

Many features in the Pikashow app make it the top free app for Android devices. Here are some of the best features of Pikashow.

Today’s Audience is engaged to watch the latest movies, prime series, and TV shows on their mobile devices with no cost in HD Instance on TV or theatre. By using this app, the Audience can watch all of these things.

PikaShow Key Features

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  • Unlimited Live TV Streaming.
  •  Free Cricket league matches.
  •  Easy User Interface.
  •  Watch Newly Release Movies.
  •  Switch to high video display resolutions.
  •  Free Cricket Matches.
  •  Free Football Matches and more.
  •  App with the live stream as well as download and watch option.
  •  App Apk with small size.
  •  Web series with episodes option on the activity

PikaShow APP Reviews


User Friendly
TV Shows
Live Streaming


PikaShow app is a very nice app for watching premium content because it’s free of cost, you can watch the latest movies and Prime Content at any time, and ads are annoying during streaming.
Please better To limit the Advertisement.


Is the Pikashow App safe to use by downloading it from this Site?

pikashow apk download

This App Download is 100% safe. Before uploading it to this site, we tested the Apk on several Devices Like Samsung, Nokia, Redmi, etc., and we have also tested this Apk on the VirusTotal website, and the results are virus-free. On the left side, you can see VirusTotal results in the image.
Why are we waiting For? Please Press the Button below and Download the App on your machine to Enjoy the Premium content on your Devices without paying any money, or you can download or stream the videos.

How to Install Pikashow APK on your Android phone or tablet

  1. Download the Pikashow APK file from Download Section from this site.
  2. Open the downloaded APK file. A dialog will pop-up with “Do you want to install this app?”
  3. Click on the “Install” button in the dialog box.
  4. The installation process will begin. Wait for it to complete.
  5. After successful installation, you will see “App Installed” with the options “Done” and “Open”.
  6. Click “Open” to launch Pikashow immediately or check your Android home screen for the Pikashow app icon.
  7. Tap on the icon to open the app and start streaming unlimited movies, shows, live sports and more.

How to Download and Install this app from Piikashowapk website to Android TV

  1. Turn on your Android TV and connect it to the internet.
  2. Open the Chrome browser on the TV.
  3. In the address bar, go to piikashowapk.com.
  4. Scroll down on the homepage to find the “Download Pikashow App” section.
  5. Click the Download button. A dialog will appear.
  6. Select “Download” in the pop-up. The APK will start downloading.
  7. Once downloaded, click on the Pikashow APK file to install it.
  8. After installation, you will see “App Installed” with options “Done” and “Open”.
  9. Click “Open” to launch the app or check the Android TV’s home screen for the Pikashow icon.
  10. The app is now installed and ready for streaming movies, shows and live sports on your Android TV.

How to Install Pikashow App on Your PC/Laptop

  1. Visit to Download Section and click the Download button to get the Pikashow APK file.
  2. Once downloaded, the APK will be saved in your PC’s Downloads folder.
  3. Install the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC. This allows you to run Android apps on desktop.
  4. After Bluestacks installation is complete, double click on the downloaded Pikashow APK file.
  5. Bluestacks will install Pikashow automatically on the emulator.
  6. After successful installation, you can find and open the Pikashow app within Bluestacks to start streaming movies, shows and live sports on your PC seamlessly.

How to use Pikashow app on Android Device

  1. Open the Pikashow app on your Android device.
  2. The Homepage displays slides of latest movies, web series and more.
  3. At the bottom are categorized sections – Bollywood, Hollywood, Series, Live TV.
  4. Tap any preferred category.
  5. Use the search icon on the top to find specific titles.
  6. In the search bar, enter keywords or names of movies, shows, channels.
  7. Pertinent results for your search query will be displayed.
  8. Browse through and select the title you wish to stream.
  9. Video playback will start immediately in the built-in player.

How to Downgrade Pikashow App from the Piikashowapk website:

  1. Navigate to the older APK versions Section form this Site.
  2. Select an APK version that is compatible with your Android device model.
  3. Compare the version number to ensure you pick an older release.
  4. Download the older APK file and install it on your device.
  5. The app will be downgraded to the previous stable version.
  6. New Pikashow versions may have compatibility issues or glitches with your Android model.
  7. Downgrading to an older suitable release solves these problems if a latest update is buggy.

Download Old Versions of Pikashow APP

Facing issues with new Pikashow versions? Downgrade to an older stable release.

Some users have difficulty installing the latest updates of Pikashow due to compatibility problems or bugs. To resolve this:

  1. Check the old APK versions of Pikashow provided on our website.
  2. Identify a previous release that worked well with your Android device.
  3. Download the older APK file from the links available.
  4. Uninstall the problematic newer version.
  5. Install the older Pikashow APK.

This will downgrade the app to an older stable variant. The streaming and UI experience will become smooth again.

We have older versions available for download. If the newest update causes glitches, install an older suitable release from our site. This will ensure the entertainment app works seamlessly again on your Android device.

Pikashow APP

It’s easy to install the app; click on the below download button, and the download starts; it’s 100% safe; you can check its safety on the VirusTotal website before installing it.

Pikashow Alternative

  1. Hotstar :Hotstar is the best alternative for free live TV streaming of sports like cricket, football etc. Its affordable plans like VIP, Premium provide access to a vast content catalog including Disney+ originals.
  2. JioCinema: JioCinema allows users to watch movies, shows and live TV for free if they have an active Jio SIM. It offers a good collection of Indian regional cinema and originals.
  3. Amazon Prime video :Amazon’s streaming service has an extensive collection of movies, shows and offers premium originals like The Family Man. Prime membership unlocks free access.
  4. Netflix : Netflix is the pioneer of online streaming with excellent original shows, movies and an intuitive interface. But a paid subscription is mandatory to use it.
  5. HD Streamz :HD Streamz is a free live TV and video streaming app with good channel collection. But it has more ads and fewer titles compared to premium services.
  6. Thop Tv : ThopTV offers free live TV streaming of various sports, serials, movies and news. No subscription needed but has limited regional content. Riddled with ads.

  • Unlimited Live TV
  • Best Video quality
  • App size is almost 16 mb.
  • User friendly UI.
  • Adjustable brightness, audio and video.
  • Searchable option for the content.

  • Ads on as a Free version.
  • Download the app through browser.
  • App not available on Play Store.


Is pikashow app safe 

Yes, You must take precautions to avoid being hacked, so make sure that you do the same at your end. Meanwhile, I would answer “Yes.” Our app, is safe to use and its is malware & spyware free apk.

Is pikashow app safe for PC?

For PC users, this app can be installed using others PC Applications like Bluestacks, MemooPlay, etc. or you can search for emulators on the Internet.

Is PikaShow app illegal in India?

This app is illegal in India because It offers free streaming of shows, live matches, and new release movies. due to that Delhi High Court ordered the blocking of the PikaShow app after Star filed a copyright infringement suit.

How do I update the Pikashow app?

By going to the Piikashowapk website you will find the Download section, In that section you can choose any version as per your requirement of the Pikashow apk file to download and update your Pikashow app.

Why isn’t Pikashow available on the Google Play Store?

The Pikashow app is not according to Google’s policy so is not available on Google Play.

Can I watch live cricket matches like IPL and the World Cup on Pikashow?

Yes you can watch live Cricket matches like IPL, international, and World Cup on the Pikashow app.

How can I fix the “Video Not Found” error on Pikashow?

Try rebooting or restart or reinstall the pikashow app if you continuously get the “Video Not Found” error on Pikashow.

Can I download Pikashow on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Pikashow app is not available for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads yet. This app is only available for Android users.

Do I need a subscription to use Pikashow?

The Pikashow app is completely Free, So no need for a subscription to use the Pikashow app.

Can I watch new movie releases on Pikashow?

Yes, you can watch the latest movies on the Pikashow App that to be free.

Is Pikashow an Indian application?

es, Pikashow is an Indian application developed by an Indian student from Rajasthan.

Is using Pikashow legal?

The Pikashow app is illegal in India because It offers free streaming of shows, live matches, and new release movies. due to that Delhi High Court ordered the blocking of the PikaShow app after Star filed a copyright infringement suit.

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